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Feel - Rose Bangle "Love"


This handmade 925 sterling silver bracelet, plated in 14K Rose-Gold, with the emotion love written in braille, is specifically designed to give, remind and express the love you have in your heart or the love you are surrounded by.

The Braille writing gives you the opportunity to actually touch and feel the texture of the word on the bangle and remind yourself whenever you need to be reminded. 


To give you or someone the extra love in though times

To remind you or someone about a love above others

To express to yourself or to someone about the love you feel


LOVE: The amazing experience of being loved or to love. An emotion that comes in a variety of forms and ways, but the base is all the same, a profoundly, tender and strong feeling of affection for another heart beating creature, a thing, places or memories. Anything that has a meaningful connection to you.